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Free your freight movements from exceptions,
errors and miscommunication.

Why Truckl ?

Welcome to Truckl, an innovative new supply chain technology

Up to 35% of loads experience exceptions ranging from late arrivals to lost freight. Moreover, they lead to hours on the phone, excessive cost and lost opportunity in that you could spend your time in more meaningful ways. Let us show you how!

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Web application for shippers
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Mobile app for carriers

Our freight and mobility application for trucking enables operational improvements, fosters driver compliance, ensures collaboration throughout the supply chain.
Don't miss out on this opportunity for:

Time Savings Cost Savings Better Service
  • Higher Carrier Motivation
  • Higher Carrier Compliance
  • Higher Carrier Accountability
  • Higher Data Accuracy & Availability
  • Fewer Check Calls due to Data Sharing
  • Higher Process Control
  • Fast Updates & Alerts
  • Better Ability to Manage Exceptions
  • Proof of Document Authenticity
  • Solid Evidence & Audit Trail
Shipper Benefits
  • Fewer Check Calls
  • Better Customer Service
  • Thorough Documentation on Every Job
  • Pay on Delivery
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Continuing Education
  • Backend Services
  • Great Lease Offers
  • Low Cost Insurance Offerings
  • Truckl Games and Prizes
Carrier Benefits
Be a game changer - take the road to trust

Our Solutions

Transaction and data sharing
Blockchain to document and prove what happened
Structured process in the field
Unique carrier benefits

Truckl is different from traditional track & trace solutions in four ways. It allows you to

  • Motivate your carriers
  • Widely share data
  • Control what happens on the road
  • Store everything about a transaction on an immutable ledger – the public blockchain
our technology

You always know what is going on with your loads.

We believe that monitoring and managing your loads should be as simple as ordering your groceries online and getting them delivered to your home an hour later.

Our Partners

interstate capital
OTR Leasing

Truckl motivates carriers through unique perks such as Truckl Instant Pay powered by Interstate Capital, low cost healthcare offerings, great leasing offers, or insurance and back office support.

All of these perks are available through the web portal for carriers.

Get Started as a Shipper

Shipper: How to get started and use Truckl

With Truckl you share key transaction details while keeping proprietary information out of sight. Access all of your documents in one place, automate updates for all parties and receive near real-time data from the road.

Shipper Registration

Registration only takes two minutes and you are good to go immediately.
Truckl only charges $2 per transaction, which is below what most GPS providers ask for.

Get Started as a Carrier

Carrier: How to use the Truckl app

Truckl allows carriers to document their progress in an easy and fun way.
The mobile app is free for carriers, gives them all of the load information they need and available for iOS and Android.

Download from Apple App Store
Download from Google Play Store
Free download.

Registration only takes two minutes and you can begin to receive invites for jobs immediately
Carrier Web Registration

Carrier registration on the web makes it easier for you to upload documents and gives you instant access to your dashboard.

FAQ for Shippers

FAQ for Carriers

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